1 min read

Xbox Moving Users Off Family Pack

  As you may recall a while back we told you that Microsoft were getting rid of the Gold Family Pack well it seems as tho not only have Microsoft done…..

2 mins read

Xbox One Policy Change

So it may seem that Microsoft is having a change of heart. The policies that have caused quite a commotion in the last couple months have been re-written. Microsoft has…..

4 mins read

State of Decay – Review

The world of zombie games has gotten more and more crowded over the past several years. Resident Evil began the trend and Dead Rising, Walking Dead, and many others have…..

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EA Announce 4 Titles For Xbox One

EA have announced what they are bringing to XBOX ONE. They have confirmed 4 titles that will launch over the next 12 months – Fifa 14, Madden, NBA Live 14 and…..