Far Cry 4 – Review

Pushing on from Far Cry 3’s tropical shores in 2012, Ubisoft look to produce another masterpiece in the open world ...

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ScreamRide – Review

Frontier Developments have yet again made screams come true! From the team that brought us RollerCoaster Tycoon, Kinectimals and the hugely popular Zoo Tycoon comes a brand new take on the rollercoaster genre. Get ready to scream your lungs out as we give it up for ScreamRide! Released exclusively for

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires – Review

It’s been at least seven or eight years, if not more since I last played a Dynasty Warriors game. I remember spending days on end playing the DW games with my friends, during the summer holidays. This was a time long before my days of the Xbox 360 began. This

Evolve – Review

Do you feel it? The eyes. They’re watching you from the darkened corner of the room. That noise you heard down the hall? That bump. That’s it. The full body shiver you get every now and again, despite the central heating being on. Fear of the unknown scares us humans

Dying Light – Review

JEEEZAAASSSS! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a zombie game in my entire life! But wait, I don’t even like zombie survival games. In fact, they petrify me! What am I doing playing this game!? I’M SCARED SH*TLESS!!! Dying Light managed to sink it’s teeth (I wonder

Resident Evil (Xbox One) – Review

The Daddy of all survivor horror’s; Resident Evil returns again for the third time (fourth if you count PSX’s Director’s Cut). Many people will think ‘ another HD remake’? Not me! If they continue with the legendary titles like this, I say keep them coming! This is a HD makeover

#IDARB – Review

From the creative minds at Other Ocean Interactive, comes the latest title in multiplayer eSports. This chaotic 8-player basketball-rugby-football combination takes to the screens of our Xbox’s in February. Welcome, to #IDARB! This quaint 8-bit indie title takes a simplistic idea and makes it something massive. The easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics

Gioteck HC5 Wireless Headset – Review

The HC5 is yet another beautifully crafted and well manufactured headset from our pals at Gioteck. Ranging between the £40-£60 mark, it’s an affordable headset compatible with not only the Xbox 360 but the Xbox One, PC, PS3 AND PS4. This is a headset for all your gaming needs! Do

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