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Sunset Overdrive – Review

Sunset Overdrive has been one of the highest anticipated titles of the year and let it be known, that it has not disappointed this gamer! From the get go Insomniac’s Xbox One exclusive, third-person shooter casts you off into the weird and whacky world of Sunset City, an exciting setting for this

The Evil Within – Review

Trick or Treat? It’s almost that time of the year when all manner of ghosts and ghouls come out to scavenge the neighbourhood for candied treats. This year gamers are getting quite the Halloween treat too with a healthy selection of games that will make even the hardiest among us

NBA 2K15 – Review

Another year passes and back to the court we go, well, not just back to the court, to the park too and 2K and Visual Concepts really are bringing their A-game. The game begins with you being thrown into a match between the San Antonio Spurs Vs Miami Heat, a

Forza Horizon 2 – Review

Grab your keys, start your engines and GO, GO, GO! Forza Horizon 2 is here and oh my, how the Xbox One has needed this title. Microsoft fans have traditionally been blessed with superb racers over the years from Project Gotham Racing to Forza Motorsport. The Forza series has become

Divekick: Addition Edition + – Review

Well, where to begin? I think we’ll start off with what makes this game standout: two buttons. Yep, that’s all you need to play this game. Choose two buttons and away you go. No analogue stick, triggers or bumpers. Just two measly buttons. This is what piqued my interest. In

Alien Isolation – Review

He is stalking me, I can hear him up in the vents and he’s barely one step behind me. I dare not turn around, don’t turn around and don’t run, that’s what he wants me to do. My heart is pounding, I can see the exit to safety, just don’t

Flockers – Review

The 1991 classic from DMA Designs, Lemmings has been reincarnated and has come back to us as Flockers, from Worms developers Team17. An unnecessarily violent and extremely graphic portrayal of how silly a flock of sheep really can be, Flockers pits you as a sadistic shepard trying to navigate your live-soon to

KickBeat Special Edition – Review

KickBeat, the game made for raving, Guitar Hero-loving ninjas. KickBeat, a rhythm based martial arts title from the developers of Pinball FX (1 and 2) and CastleStorm, Zen Studios. “A rhythm based martial arts game?”, I hear you ask… imagine Guitar Hero timed-button mashing, combine with some pretty awesome beam em’

Stick it to the Man – Review

For Ray Doewood a long day at work is repeatedly having a hammer dropped on your head from a great height, all in the name of R&D for how effective hard hats are at protecting your bonse. It’s ironic that while our hero is making his way home to his

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