Xbox One boots in about 15 seconds via voice

Wanted to know how long it will take to boot up your Xbox One via Kinect voice command? Well Major Nelson’s got you covered. Larry (A.K.A Major Nelson) took to Instagram to post a video demonstrating the feature by saying “Xbox on”. When said both the TV and Xbox One

The Late Xbox One Fight Back

With Gamescom 2013 finally drawing to a close last Sunday, we’re sure everyone’s had enough time to digest the latest information regarding the next-gen. Whilst the Xbox One has been hampered with a mostly negative public reaction since it’s unveiling at E3 back in May, Microsoft have boldly changed many

Sports on the Next Gen

With the release of the Xbox Kinect in November 2010, the sports genre saw a rise of new sports games. With the likes of Kinect Sports Seasons 1 and 2 heading the assault on the Xbox 360, one would wonder how the game is going to fare as a release

Life In The Old Dog Yet

Alongside the next-gen hardware on display at E3, Microsoft chose to reveal a newly styled version of the Xbox 360. Visually it shares alot of similarities with the Xbox One and is reported to be smaller, sleeker and quieter than the current ‘slim’ model. The pricing and bundles remain the

The End is Nigh – Order Pizza on your 360

As if it wasn’t easy enough to sit around all day doing nothing but play your 360, Microsoft have teamed together with Pizza Hut to make it easier*. There’s now no need to get off your favourite console to order a fresh pizza. Yum. Starting today, Microsoft are offering an

The Future Of Xbox and Gaming

So what does the future have in store for us in regards gaming, we’ve already seen a number of companies come out with Handheld consoles and rumours have been flying around about a new Xbox for quite sometime now. Lets take a look at what we know already: [ulist style=”5″] If you

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