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Check out this Master Chief motorbike helmet

Currently under development from NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association), the helmet has already been approved by the DoT (Department of Transportation) and is planned to go on sale by 2015!…..

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Joe Staten rejoins Microsoft Studios

Halo and Destiny writer Joe Staten has rejoined Microsoft studios as Senior Creative Director. Staten’s arrival was announced via Studio Manager Mike Ybarra. Thrilled to welcome back Joe Staten to the…..

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Halo Trilogy extended to ‘Saga’

With Halo 4 being one of the bestselling games in the Halo franchise, it’s hard to imagine Microsoft not wanting to extend the Chief’s life just a little bit longer!…..

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Halo 4 – Review

[START TRANSMISSION] 343 were given the Mantle of carrying on the legacy of Halo. Has the Great Journey begun or will their heresy stay their feet? This is a spoiler…..