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The E3 Rumour Mill

Updated throughout the day, here are the rumours circulating the web prior to the E3 conferences tonight!

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Titanfall’s 50 Burn cards revealed

If you’re unaware of what Burn card’s are in Titanfall, these are collectable cards you earn during matches which offer players a perk for one life only.

5 mins read

Titanfall Beta Hands On Impressions

The Titanfall beta kicks off today, but thanks to Xbox we’ve been able to get hands on with Titanfall before the launch to give you our impressions so far.

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FIFA 14 demo impressions

Please note that these are impressions of a small portion of FIFA 14 taken from the demo, gameplay and features could change by the time the full game releases. We…..

11 mins read

Sports on the Next Gen

With the release of the Xbox Kinect in November 2010, the sports genre saw a rise of new sports games. With the likes of Kinect Sports Seasons 1 and 2…..

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EA Introduces us to EA Sports Ignite

Just like with a vehicle, the engine is what makes a game go. Games developed using older and mismatched engines often times look stale, lame, or just odd. At the…..