Resident Evil (Xbox One) – Review

The Daddy of all survivor horror’s; Resident Evil returns again for the third time (fourth if you count PSX’s Director’s Cut). Many people will think ‘ another HD remake’? Not me! If they continue with the legendary titles like this, I say keep them coming! This is a HD makeover

Another Resident Evil remake is in the pipes

Finally, Resident Evil fans have been granted their wish. Resident Evil (one) is getting remastered. This is the second time it is happening, as the original on the Sony PlayStation was remade completely for the Nintendo GameCube. Truth be told, it was actually even better on the GameCube! Resident Evil

Strider – Review

Strider originally sliced its way onto consoles back in 1989 as a side scrolling action platformer and even though the Capcom title was available on my console of choice, I never played through the dystopian future of Strider’s 2048. Several console generations later, Strider is being retold and I will

Resident Evil: Revelations – Readers Review

Welcome to the first-ever Readers Review. This weeks review was submitted by reader David Paul Ashmore, who takes us on his journey through Resident Evil: Revelations. Please join us in giving David a warm welcome, thanks for your review buddy… enjoy! This game was originally launched last year (2012) as


Having been a massive fan of the series since the days of Street Fighter II, I was pleased with Capcoms recent announcement of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Although without a confirmed release date other than 2014, Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available on Xbox 360 for retail, full digital

Remember Me – Review

The year is 2084, citizens of Neo-Paris are divided because the Memorize Corporation have created a new brain implant called the Sensation Engine (Sensen). This implant enables roughly 99% of the population to upload and share their memories on the net, as well as remove unhappy or unpleasant memories. With this,

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