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Strider – Review

Strider originally sliced its way onto consoles back in 1989 as a side scrolling action platformer and even though the Capcom title was available on my console of choice, I…..

3 mins read

Dead Rising 3 – Review

Making use of the Xbox One’s upgraded processing power, Dead Rising returns, bigger, bloodier and more badass than ever before.

9 mins read

Resident Evil: Revelations – Readers Review

Welcome to the first-ever Readers Review. This weeks review was submitted by reader David Paul Ashmore, who takes us on his journey through Resident Evil: Revelations. Please join us in…..

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Having been a massive fan of the series since the days of Street Fighter II, I was pleased with Capcoms recent announcement of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Although without a…..

3 mins read

Remember Me – Review

The year is 2084, citizens of Neo-Paris are divided because the Memorize Corporation have created a new brain implant called the Sensation Engine (Sensen). This implant enables roughly 99% of the…..

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Another “Lost Planet” Awaits

The third instalment of Lost Planet, “Lost Planet 3,” was available in a brief demo at this year’s PAX East. Capcom brings us some great titles and developer, Spark Unlimited, really got…..

1 min read

Devil May Cry Demo Lands Tomorrow

One of my most eagerly anticipated games gets a demo tomorrow – which I suggest you all grab. Devil May Cry will be giving you a preview of what’s to…..

8 mins read

10 Games for Halloween

With the arse-end of the summers sun nothing more than a distant memory and the dark early nights descend upon us once more, the closing of October plays host to…..

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Resident Evil 6 Rocks Records

Although being released to mixed reviews, Resident Evil 6 has smashed previous Capcom shipping records. More than 4.5 million copies have already been shifted. Capcom are confidently predicting that RE…..