FIFA 15 Cover Player Announced

It will come (to FIFA regulars) as no surprise when they see that Leo Messi will be on the cover of the upcoming FIFA 15. He has been on the covers of FIFA Street, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14. However last year, EA released different regional covers. Alongside Messi was

Peggle 2 – Review

EXTREME FEVER! For those who are new to the series, well you haven’t missed a whole lot. The newest addition released by PopCap this past December adds new levels and masters/powers to the already addicting formula. However, the game itself was not expanded upon a whole lot. The much anticipated

Titanfall Beta to Open to Everyone

Last night on Major Nelson’s Blog, it was announced that soon, the very popular Titanfall Beta will be opening to everyone. No Beta code needed!! Simply find it in the game store. Also stated, some Xbox One’s will have it show up in the store sooner than others. But “rest

Halo 2 Anniversary Release Leaked

In an interview with GameZone Steve Downes, the Master Chief voice actor, let everyone know that Halo 5 in 2014 may be a stretch. But Halo 2’s Anniversary Edition in 2014, is much more of a reality. Halo 5 has had a lot of buzz since its “unveiling” at E3

Where to Find Zoo Tycoon at Launch

Frontier Developments has announced that, in the US, Zoo Tycoon will be sold in physical form exclusively at WalMart. Although the game will still be available via the online marketplace and the Microsoft Store. It has also been rumored that other retailers can still sell digital copies. Zoo Tycoon is

Getting an Xbox One?

Some people are purchasing a Xbox One, some a PS4 and some are sticking with current gen or PC. For those who are getting a Xbox One, we want to know what games you plan on purchasing around the launch window! We have set up a small survey to take some numbers

Xbox One Day One Lengthy Download

Microsoft has announced that the day one (first) update will take about 15-20 minutes to download. This is the mandatory update that will update the system’s firmware to reflect the most up-to-date Xbox One policy. No reason was given as to why the download will take that long but assure

Xbox One Dashboard Leaked

Earlier this week, the Xbox One dashboard was in fact leaked. Although the user is unnamed, speculation has it that a family member of his is a Microsoft employee. The friendly user shows the new and improved controller along with the actual console, confirming the legitimacy of the video. He

Payday 2 – Review

Late 2011 Payday: The Heist hit the PSN and Steam playgrounds. Developed by Overkill Software, a company founded in 2009 and now owned by Starbreeze Studios, the game centered around 4 players working cooperatively to pull off heists to score the big money. It only had 6 to 9 heists available

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