A petition to get beards added in Destiny

A petition to get beards added in Destiny
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Yup, you read that right. Here is the petition form to get beards added in Bungie’s upcoming release, Destiny.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Destiny’s beta is currently out for the PlayStations 3 and 4 and in the next few days it’ll also be available for us Xbox users on both our Xbox 360s and Xbox Ones (due to finish on June 27th). Throughout the community, we’ve seen a very common trend in feedback based around the customer creation, more specifically the lack of facial hair customisation for the human characters. Whilst creating your character, or “guardian” you choose between one of three races, the Exos (a robotic, Terminator-like race), the Awoken (an ethereal greyish-blue skinned race of humanoids) or Humans (dudes like you and I). The customisation screen for each race is very intricate, allowing you to choose the style of hair, face, markings and of course colours of each of the previous. At this point usually, if desired a player would also be able to choose some kind of facial hair for their humanoid guardians (it totally makes sense for the Exos not to have this option), however Destiny currently fails to offer any kind of options. Whether or not they are simply leaving the beard and moustache options out of the alpha and beta builds seems to be a mystery and it’s clear that Bungie are keeping their cards close to their chest as, despite all the questioning from the community, they’ve not yet confirmed plans for the face-fuzz to appear when the game launches.

Now, understandably some of you will read this and say “Shut up Jamie! Destiny is gonna be awesome, beards or no beards!” and to that I say, “YES!” I completely agree with you. Like yourselves, I’ve played hundreds of games where the character or characters I’ve been playing as have been bare-chinned, and no, it’s never really made the slightest bit of difference. However, in a recent article detailing the three playable species in Destiny, I touched on what creating a character means to me and how I strive for my character to bare similarities to myself, including my fairly large beard and I’m happy to say, I’m not alone. Spend just a few minutes on the Bungie forums, or scan your eyes over the social networks and you’ll find an army of my fellow bearded warriors all chanting one almighty battle cry; “WHERE ARE THE BEARDS!?”

It’s surprising to see that beards aren’t currently an option for character creation, given that many members of Bungie development team are warriors of the fuzz. Take Destiny’s game design lead, Sage Merrill and writer Jonathan Goff for example;

Sage and GoffWhen it comes to beards, these guys don’t muck around!

In a recent podcast with IGN’s Executive Editor, Ryan McCaffrey, Bungie’s Community Manager, David Dauge, who more frequently goes by the name, Deej said how he, as the voice and face of Bungie will always do his best to listen and respond to the community. He goes on to say about how any form of communication or discussion on or around Bungie’s games are always noted, be them positive or negative! (You can check out IGN’s podcast, including Ryan’s interview with Deej right here)

So, to you fellow gamer I ask this one thing; below you will find a petition for the attention of our friend, Deej. The petition will announce our interest in adding beards to the character creation tool within Destiny. To sign, simply leave your name and/or your Gamertag or PSN ID in our comments section below. Of course, the more this article is shared around, the more interest it generates and thus, more signatures, so please don’t be shy to share this petition with your friends and family. Naturally, by hitting the share buttons you can also whack it up on Facebook and Twitter, which will also be appreciated greatly. We’ll also be promoting the hashtag #BeardsFromBungie, so please don’t be shy and join the fun!

Alongside this petition, we’ll also be promoting a tweet from the All Things Xbox Twitter page reading the following;

Please feel free to hit the retweet button once you’ve signed!

On with our message to Bungie;

For The Attention of Deej and fellow Bungie co-workers;

I present to you this petition. The names below have all agreed to the suggestion of adding beards to the character creation tool in your upcoming title, Destiny.

My fellow gaming brothers and sisters of the community have signed this petition to raise awareness of our desire to give our guardians a beard as mighty as that of both Sage’s and Jon’s!

I hope this message reaches you well and thank you for taking the time to hear our cry.

Your friends and family,

Beard-wanting gamers from around the world.



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Jamie is the co-founder and editor of All Things Xbox. A passionate and hardcore gamer, you'll usually find him playing epic fantasy RPG and adventure titles.
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    Fear. The. Beard.

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    Trogden08, I’d like at least some rough fuzz to go on my guardians face. What do they exist in a world were puberty doesn’t take full effect and they just skip though facial hair growth??

  • kristofurr

    Our guardians are in the middle of fighting an intense, intergalactic war! They should look a little more “rough around the edges”. Facial hair, please. – Chris D

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    What better weapon to fight the darkness than a beard-DaveGrohlsFist psn

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    Soup catchers FTW! Arlowiaus

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    We need Breads & Mustaches Facial hair for all!
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      Ha bread u mean beard

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    I played the beta today and the game looks outstanding however there is one thing about the game that makes me upset, I cannot make myself because there are no beards I feel let down.

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    Please help me. My characters face, chin, and neck are rapidly approaching subzero temperatures roaming the post-apocalyptic wastes of a frozen Russia.

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    plox burds

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    im so cluhtch

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    I want this kind of beard in Destiny, for all characters, regardless of sex!

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    Let it be said that all may adorn majestic facial hair!!!!!!

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    Bungie, please add beards or at the very least 5 o’clock shadow!
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    What do we want?!
    When do we want them!?
    Hopefully before September!

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    Give us beards. It’s criminal that in this day and age you don’t have the option to give people facial hair. i have a beard, many of my friends have beards- many of the world have beards. GIVE US BEARDS.

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    YES YES YES YES TO BEARDS!!! We want beards!

    -Xbox LIVE Gamertag

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    I’d identify better with a bearded guardian — xbox gamer tag: coasterbrake42

  • Destiny fan

    You forgot one VERY important point here – the beard addition needs to be an IN GAME customization otherwise it’s useless. If they just add it to the customization at the begginning what good is that to a character you’ve spent lots of time on developing? It needs to be in game and also the option to change hair styles