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The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Review

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a one off ‘special episode’ set across five different stories with a neat cross-over at the conclusion. As such, Telltale Games’ fine first season…..

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New State of Decay Trailer

With conclusion of The Walking Dead Season 3 on TV recently, Undead Labs have done me no favours in reigniting my need for yet another zombie apocalyptic world to dive into,…..

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Flashback Remake Coming to XBLA

Hands up who remembers the 16-bit classic Flashback? No? Well let me acquaint you… Flashback was a 2D action platform game released for the Amiga way back in 1992. The…..

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Detailed

More info regarding Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has recently surfaced, so for anyone thinking that this was an elaborate April fool’s hoax – you may now breathe a sigh…..

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Singing the Songs of Ska Studios

Ska Studios is probably best known for their series “The Dishwasher” and at PAX East we caught up with Lead Dishwasher and founder of Ska Studios, James Silva and his…..

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Q&A with XBLA Terraria producer, David Welch

Terraria XBLA: Q&A with David Welch Today, Re-Logic’s smash PC hit, Terraria, arrived to the Xbox Live Arcade. With their great launch trailer (below), the game is expected to rival…..

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Paul’s Pick of 2012

With talk of All Things Xbox’s favourite games of 2012 list making an appearance, I thought I’d offer up my personal pick of games released last year. Below is brief…..

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State of Decay preview

State of Decay is a upcoming XBLA game that I’ve excitedly had my eye on for quite a while now. And whilst you might be thinking it’s yet “another” zombie…..