The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Review

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a one off ‘special episode’ set across five different stories with a neat cross-over at the conclusion. As such, Telltale Games’ fine first season of The Walking Dead has next to nothing to do with this – although there are a couple of references

New State of Decay Trailer

With conclusion of The Walking Dead Season 3 on TV recently, Undead Labs have done me no favours in reigniting my need for yet another zombie apocalyptic world to dive into, thanks to their newly released gameplay trailer. The excellent looking State of Decay is set for release on XBLA this

Flashback Remake Coming to XBLA

Hands up who remembers the 16-bit classic Flashback? No? Well let me acquaint you… Flashback was a 2D action platform game released for the Amiga way back in 1992. The original game featured fully hand-drawn backdrops with impressive (for the time) fluid animation. It’s success on the home computer ensured

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