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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – Review

They’ve always been a little cliché, these Army of Two games. They’re very manly, very angry and very loud, but in this latest edition to the series, everything feels a little more…..

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Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer

Pending the upcoming release of the newest installment of Visceral Games’ hit series Dead Space, a launch trailer was released earlier Monday. Dead Space 3 is set to hit shelves…..

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Preview – Dead Space 3 Demo

Yesterday saw the release of Dead Space 3 Demo on the Xbox 360 for early access users, the public release will be hitting Xbox Live on 22nd January (just 2…..

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Dead Space 3: New Trailer

New Trailer Alert: Once again you are needed to take on the Necromorph Alien race, this time however, you have the choice to go at it alone or with a…..