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Lost Odyssey – Blast From The Past

Final Fantasy is a gaming series that, before 2010, looked set to pass Microsoft and it’s gaming divisions by. The original Xbox never received an official Final Fantasy release while…..

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The E3 Rumour Mill

Updated throughout the day, here are the rumours circulating the web prior to the E3 conferences tonight!

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Microsoft Congratulate Sony!

The cynical ones among us are quick to suggest that Microsoft’s recent tweet congratulating Sony on the launch of the PS4 was all done tongue in cheek, but we’re having…..

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Lifetime Ban for ‘Naughty’ GTA V Leak

And I quote: ” A great philosopher once wrote, naughty naughty, very naughty, ha ha ha ha!” Well it appears that some eager beaver has managed to wrestle themselves a…..

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The Late Xbox One Fight Back

With Gamescom 2013 finally drawing to a close last Sunday, we’re sure everyone’s had enough time to digest the latest information regarding the next-gen. Whilst the Xbox One has been…..

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Hey friends! Just a late reminder to you all: Coming to an Xbox near you this July is the “Ultimate Game sale”. Offering 32 discounted Xbox games available for download…..

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Life In The Old Dog Yet

Alongside the next-gen hardware on display at E3, Microsoft chose to reveal a newly styled version of the Xbox 360. Visually it shares alot of similarities with the Xbox One…..