Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 – Review

Many people say that when a relationship breaks off things can never be the same, I have always agreed and I haven’t been proven wrong by such situation. No guys this isn’t a love affair, you’re about to read All Things Xbox’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 review. From the year

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Review

Castlevania is one of those games that breaks down the wall between generations and lovers of all genres, with every gamer remembering at least one instalment in the long standing series. Defining just what made a great 2D action, platformed for years to come, Konami simply had a corker in

Silent Hill: Downpour – Review

For over a decade I have faithfully followed every major Silent Hill release since it’s origins back in the late 90’s. Along with Resident Evil, Silent Hill is widely considered one of the founding ‘god fathers’ of the survival horror genre – and rightly so. Although over the years (albeit

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