Dead Space 3

Announcing the Dead Space 3 DLC Winners

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered! We loved seeing all the enthusiasm and spirit for the game and of course for the free DLC. Our first DLC package, “The Marauder Pack” goes to: Earl T of Facebook and Joseph B @Jboud18 The next DLC package, “The Sharpshooter

Dead Space 3 – Review

Date: June 1st 2314 Place: Tau Volantis Tau Volantis as we learnt in the original Dead Space 3 trailer is the alleged source of the Necromorphs and the Marker that were encountered on the Aegis VII and USG Ishimura. This for Dead Space fans is a huge deal as we’ve

Dead Space 3 – Awakened DLC

With Dead Space 3 available in the US now and Not out till Friday in the UK, EA have risked further wrath from gamers by announcing that next month there will be some new DLC available for the game titled Awakened. Gamers had already been up in arms about the

Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer

Pending the upcoming release of the newest installment of Visceral Games’ hit series Dead Space, a launch trailer was released earlier Monday. Dead Space 3 is set to hit shelves next Tuesday, February 5th or 8th in the UK. In this glorious 96 second video, we follow our faithful engineer,

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