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EA becomes Star Wars new master

The world of Star Wars continues to be shaken up as it was announced today that Disney has granted Electronic Arts the rights to develop games for the beloved sci-fi…..

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Omega (Mass Effect 3) – DLC Review

Once again I shall forewarn that there will be spoilers within. After many a rumour and discoveries within the games code of a mission revolving around Omega, players are finally…..

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New Mass Effect 3 DLC

As always, this time of year often presents us with frequent releases of ‘big hitting’ titles and this season is set to continue that trend. Adding to the crazy flood of new…..

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Free Multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3

Announced alongside one of the one of the most dramatic video game trailers of all time, the Mass Effect 3 DLC “Retaliation” will feature new enemies, weapons and a few…..

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Dragon Age III Announced

Dragon Age III: Inquisition has officially been announced from the Executive Producer, Mark Darrah.

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Leviathan (Mass Effect 3) – DLC Review

You may stumble over some spoilers in this article. If you don’t want them then don’t read this just yet. As a huge Mass Effect fan, I was eagerly anticipating…..