Metro 2033 Redux – Review

With its new coat of graphical paint, Metro 2033 Redux is even more atmospheric than ever before and gives us console gamers a glimmer into how PC gamers might have experienced the game back in 2010. Unlike some other rereleased games, I’m looking at you Diablo 3, the Metro Redux

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Review

For the Diablo III review please click here, this review focuses purely on the Reaper of Souls expansion found in the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. We’re back! Back in the universe of Diablo where you, the player, takes on the task of defeating the Angel of Death, Malthael. Team up

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition – Review

Developed and published by Polish devs, Exor Studios, Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition is a top-down, fuel-filled, gore-fest arcade title. Leave your brain at the door and sit back as you plug yourself in to this bloody joyride. After a very wordy intro, you’re introduced to a town overrun with zombies. The army

Risen 3: Titan Lords – Review

Risen 3: Titan Lords fails to rise to the challenge (that was the best sub-heading I could think of). Sadly, Risen 3 has not been the most exciting of games to play. As an overly keen fan of the fantasy-RPG genre and a past fan of the series, I was

Lost Odyssey – Blast From The Past

Final Fantasy is a gaming series that, before 2010, looked set to pass Microsoft and it’s gaming divisions by. The original Xbox never received an official Final Fantasy release while the Xbox 360, too, seemed destined to remain a stranger to Square Enix’s mammoth franchise. This all changed, of course,

Sacred 3 – Review

Travel to the land of the Seraphim, where an evil enemy plots to unleash the gates of the underworld and take the empire for his own. Allying yourself with the neighboring areas, you and your friends with go shoulder-to-shoulder to annihilate the hordes of invading demons. Plot aside, this is

Outlast – Review

Horror games, the terror of confronting something hunting you can be an exhilarating prospect although one that is sometimes too much for some gamers to handle, with many shying away from the horror genre and missing out on some real gems. Sometimes, grabbing your favourite gun and tackling the fear

Murdered: Soul Suspect – Review

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a new game on block and its hard to get noticed when most gamers want shooters, RPG’s and Racing Games, but with Murdered it tries to break the mould, its the only game out on the market today where the first thing you do in the

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Review

  As the showing of the latest web-slinging movie comes to a close, and having seen that film and rather enjoyed it, I have to admit to being somewhat intrigued by this release from Beenox. Like the film originals, the game tie-ins were decent, well-constructed affairs that offered some return

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