Assassin’s Creed Unity – Review

We’ve seen a lot of changes to Assassin’s Creed throughout the years and Assassin’s Creed Unity is no different bringing changes both good and bad to arguably Ubisoft’s biggest series. In Unity you play as Arno Victor Dorian in 18th century France during the french revolution. Arno is much like Ezio in the

Gran Theft Auto V (Xbox One) – Review

This review will be slightly different. In this article we will be exploring the new additions and features found within the Xbox One version of Rockstar’s newly released GTA V. We have also added the original Xbox 360 GTA V review for you to check out below here. Enjoy! A

Assassin’s Creed Rogue – Review

Ubisoft take us back to the world of the assassin’s with their new Xbox 360 and PS3 title Assassin’s Creed Rogue. In a bizarre series of events, Rogue has been launched in exactly the same week, in some regions even on the same day as the new next-gen exclusive, Assassin’s

Pure Pool – Review

When I got asked to write this review I was a little underwhelmed. “Oh another Pool game. What’s going to be different about this one? What gimmicks, power-ups and general ridiculousness will be included to make it stand out from the rest?” Well I’m very pleased to say that the

Skylanders: Trap Team – Review

“YAAAY FOR SKYLANDERS!” scream the hordes of children excited for the latest addition to the Skylanders series, Skylanders: Trap Team. In this adventure the Skylanders are faced with a great threat as the tiny and annoying bad guy, Kaos has released the worst villains from Cloudcracker Prison to roam free

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 – Review

Many people say that when a relationship breaks off things can never be the same, I have always agreed and I haven’t been proven wrong by such situation. No guys this isn’t a love affair, you’re about to read All Things Xbox’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 review. From the year

Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack – Review

Rare’s classic fighter Killer Instinct arrived on the Xbox One during the console’s launch in November 2013. Killer Instinct was very warmly welcomed by gamers after having not been seen since the mid 90’s. In this latest season of Killer Instinct, the controls and mechanics of the fighters have been slightly

Lords of the Fallen – Review

From the team that brought you Sniper: Ghost Warrior, CI Games and German devs Deck13 Interactive comes an all new action RPG game, Lords of the Fallen. This dark, moody and gothic fantasy title will have you playing as anti-hero Harkyn as you slice and dice your way through hordes of

Sunset Overdrive – Review

Sunset Overdrive has been one of the highest anticipated titles of the year and let it be known, that it has not disappointed this gamer! From the get go Insomniac’s Xbox One exclusive, third-person shooter casts you off into the weird and whacky world of Sunset City, an exciting setting for this

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