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@Gamerdads Extraction Machinima

One of the things we have noticed at ATXB is the increase in the amount of Machinima videos over the last few years and the quality of them continues to…..

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It’s GTA V – Eve!

I anxiously sat waiting for the postal delivery this morning – like some kind of possessed freak high on wine gums, then it arrived. I swiftly pounced at the door…..

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FIFA 14 demo impressions

Please note that these are impressions of a small portion of FIFA 14 taken from the demo, gameplay and features could change by the time the full game releases. We…..

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Call Of Duty: Ghosts SP Campaign Trailer

Ten years after a devastating mass event, the nation’s borders and the balance of global power have been redrawn forever. As what’s left of the nation’s Special Operations forces, a…..

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Game.co.uk Offering £40 Next-Gen Trade In

Game have announced today their plans when dealing with people wanting to trade from current gen (PS3 / Xbox 360) up to next-gen (PS4/Xbox One)  and it is brilliant news. Game…..

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The Late Xbox One Fight Back

With Gamescom 2013 finally drawing to a close last Sunday, we’re sure everyone’s had enough time to digest the latest information regarding the next-gen. Whilst the Xbox One has been…..

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Xbox Moving Users Off Family Pack

  As you may recall a while back we told you that Microsoft were getting rid of the Gold Family Pack well it seems as tho not only have Microsoft done…..

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Having been a massive fan of the series since the days of Street Fighter II, I was pleased with Capcoms recent announcement of Ultra Street Fighter IV. Although without a…..

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NBA 2k14 Soundtrack Track List Released

In the past couple years, a video game soundtrack has become the staple of a game’s success. Last year FIFA 13 and NBA 2k13′s were incredible each with a wide…..

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With the summer games drought in full bloom, we though we’d give you a list of upcoming 360 titles to keep you ticking over. AUGUST: 2nd August – Heavy Fire:…..

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Smartglass hits 17 million downloads

Microsoft’s Smartglass has recently hit an impressive 17 million downloads, and as more and more users gain access to it via Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and Apple O/S devices…..

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Sports on the Next Gen

With the release of the Xbox Kinect in November 2010, the sports genre saw a rise of new sports games. With the likes of Kinect Sports Seasons 1 and 2…..

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Call Of Duty Ghosts Gameplay Trailers

Yes here’s what you have all be waiting for Infinity Ward have released 2 gameplay trailers for Call Of Duty Ghosts. While we expect to see more of this at…..

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Is Microsoft Taking a Risk with Xbox One?

In today’s videogame world, people from all walks of life play games. Men and women, boys and girls, people from ages 6 to 66 enjoy playing consoles and handhelds. While…..