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What are we all looking forward to this month?

February 5th (US) – February 8th (UK)

Dead Space 3

DeadSpace3 The Game Calendar   February

Dead Space 3 is a third person shooter that pits player character Isaac Clarke against the Necromorphs, human corpses reanimated by the signal of a “Marker”, New to the Dead Space series is a new drop-in/drop-out co-op mode for its campaign.

Limited Edition Contents;

 - First Contact Bundle

First Contact Suit – Built for long term space exposure with thick armor.
Negotiator Weapon – Tesla powered “instrument” for organic tissue dismemberment.

 - Witness The Truth Bundle

Witness Suit – An insulated suit to help you explore Tau Volantis’ harsh terrain.
Evangelizer Weapon – Heavy duty assault rifle and shotgun combination.

February 12th

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines preview 3 The Game Calendar   February

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a first person shooter that is set after the events in Aliens. The game places you in the role of a United States Colonial Marine named Cpl. Christopher Winter. The game was described as a true sequel as far as 20th Century Fox are concerned, which is a huge backing and a lot to live up for. The game will grant you able to use a number of weapons from the films including the flamethrower, pulse rifle, smartgun and shotgun.

Limited Edition Contents;

- Four Movie Characters (Sgt Apone, Cpl Hicks, Pvt Hudson and Pvt Drake).
- Ripley‘s Flamethrower.
- Additional Marine Customisation items.

Collectors Edition Contents;

- Power Loader Figurine.
- USCM Dossier.
- Four Movie Characters (Sgt Apone, Cpl Hicks, Pvt Hudson and Pvt Drake).
- Ripley‘s Flamethrower.
- Additional Marine Customisation items.
- USCM Academy Firing Range.
- Phase Plasma Rifle.
- Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers.
- Collector’s Edition Xeno Hive.

February 19th (US) – February 22nd (UK)

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 modded controllers info The Game Calendar   February

Crysis 3 is a first person shooter that see’s you reprise your role as Prophet who has returned to New York only to find it encased in a giant Nanodome created by the C.E.L.L corporation. The game is set 24 years after the events in Crysis 2 and a lot has changed in New York with Liberty Dome being a rainforest with overgrown trees, dense swamplands and raging rivers.

Hunter Edition Contents;

- Early access to the new signature Crysis 3 bow and bow attachment.
- The “Hunter” Nanosuit module for use in Crysis 3 multiplayer.
- A head start in multiplayer in the form of a bonus XP boost up to Level 5 and gain the ability to unlock custom load-outs early.
- Customise your load-out, plus get a unique bow skin and three exclusive “Hunter” themed dog tags.

**PRE-ORDER BONUS**GAME will give you a free download of the original Crysis.

February 19th (US) February 22nd

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

metal gear rising revengeance pic 2 The Game Calendar   February

Players take control of cyborg-ninja Raiden, the katana-wielding ally of series mainstay, Solid Snake. He is initially playable in his white-form, which was based on his appearance in Guns of the Patriots, where he is depicted as wearing white armour. Later in the game, Raiden switches to the more powerful black-form armour variant which draws extra energy from “Zan-Datsu” kills. Unlike previous titles in the Metal Gear series, Rising is action-oriented, focusing on sword-fighting and a sophisticated slicing-n’-dicing system, as opposed to the more traditional stealth and skill gameplay. Although Raiden’s main weapon will be his high-frequency blade, he will also have “sub-weapons”, such as daggers and knives.

Limited Edition Contents (US ONLY);

- Official soundtrack.
- Limited Edition 2-sided Steelbook.
- Exclusive high-frequency katana blade plasma lamp (Measures at 14.17 inches long and 3.54 inches wide).

  • rvanz

    So well put together! I’m going to be refering back to this one.

  • Matt Parker

    Metal Gear is my no1, but interested in seeing how the Aliens game turns out too!

  • Iain Culverhouse

    It’s going to be a regular feature on the website, I’m already working on March!!!